vidi aldiano

Vidi was raised in a family that highly appreciated music. His father, Harry Kiss, was an owner of a famous event organizer business. His mother was a piano teacher. As a result of her teachings, Vidi could play the piano since he was 3 years old.

 At the age of 2, he won second place at a singing competition for children. In elementary school, Vidi was chosen to be the art ambassador of his school.

 Vidi's career as an artist began when his father, realizing how talented his son was, promoted Vidi's demo album to some owners of recording companies that he knew. Unfortunately, the demo album was rejected because male soloists were not popular at that time. After being rejected six times by various recording companies in 2009, Vidi, with the help from his family and music producer Lala Hamid, made their own recording company and released his first album Pelangi Di Malam Hari independently, with hit single such as Nuansa Bening, Status Palsu & Cemburu Menguras Hati.

 The recording company Trinity Optima Production helped Vidi release his second album with hit single Datang dan Kembali, Gadis Genit & Lagu Kita.

 The third album Persona was released in 2016 with hit single such as Membiasakan Cinta, Aku Cinta Dia, Hingga Nanti, Definisi Bahagia (and the piano version: Definisi Bahagia (Piano Version), Terbenar & his latest single, Tak Sejalan.