nadin amizah

Young singer, Nadin Amizah after releasing her 4 singles; "Rumpang", "Sorai", "Star" and "Seperti Tulang" since 2018, right on the day 28 May 2020 entered the age of 20 years. Entering this new phase, she equipped herself with the release of the inaugural album Happy Birthday which is beautiful, soothing and confident. This new album contains 10 songs in which all strings of lyrics are composed and written entirely by Nadin.This Happy Birthday album is Nadin's way of equipping her towards the age of 20 which is considered the limit of entering adulthood. With a lot of contemplation about maturity, and also make a tribute to the people closest to her life. That is why half the songs on this album are intended for the Nadin family. "This album is a big theme about anxiety, confusion, ignorance, ignorance and happiness that was mixed in my adult life. Even though I am still not fully mature at the moment, but clearly the things from the past I can now look at with a little tear but still while laughing. ” She said.