In today’s music, only a handful of artists can own a one-word moniker that immediately defines them as an artist — let alone being identified. One of them is an imperative name in Indonesia’s ever-growing music scene that embodies the voice of the nation’s electronic sound, Kallula.

Her distinguishable voice was never something that she found alluring from the start. Only until Lykke Li broke into the scene then Kallula realized that she may have a shot in pursuing her passion in singing with her alto voice amidst powerhouse female vocalists who ruled the charts in the early 2000s.

Kallula got her foot in the door with Kimo Rizky through KimoKal in 2014. The year that follows saw the duo opening for Rhye, prior to the release of their debut album. Her collaboration with Dipha Barus in No One Can Stop Us in 2016 skyrocketed and earned her an AMI Award for Best Electronic Dance Production.

With two studio albums with KimoKal and numerous appearances in the regions’ biggest festivals, Kallula is all set to for her solo project.

“I haven’t been this excited in a long time,” said Kallula. “Putting my solo project together is somehow more nerve-racking than touring abroad. I’ve always been paired with someone when working on music. But this time, I’m the one taking the lead. It’s exhilarating,”

Aiming to experiment on things she has never done through KimoKal and her collaboration projects, the stage is all set for Kallula’s most career-defining moment.