When life is forced to face a howling gale that could unhinge even the strongest person in the room, one could either admit defeat or rise to the occasion. For musicians Kamga and Chevrina, who have endured the highs and lows of the Indonesian music scene, it’s the latter that led to the formation of Hondo. What started as an imaginary french bulldog that exists in their own realm of thoughts has evolved into a sonorous entity that symbolizes Kamga and Chevrina’s adulthood aspirations and dreams.

After a series of trials and tribulations that caused all sorts of dissonance within their lives, a track that has been kept in the vault for so long emerged and kicked off Hondo’s journey that has, so far, garnered a certain degree of relatability amongst music fans.

Aptly named Thirty, the track unveils the duo’s deepest regrets, resonating with everyone that goes through the pains of growing up. Through Thirty, the previously rudderless pathway for Kamga and Chevrina has gotten a new awakening after all the tirades that they both overcame in their trio project with Tata in Dekat.

“Being honest has always been a difficult trait for me to display,” says Kamga who compares the process of creating and producing music to switching from a console controller to a computer mouse. “It feels gratifying to bear it all through music,” he continued.

“Hondo is our story. It functions as a support system for both of us,” says Chevrina. “We’ve squandered many exciting opportunities in the past, but not anymore now,” Chev continued.

Through the music of Hondo, the duo aims to convey the message of hope, regardless of the disdain that may arise, in a safespace that surmounts all obstacles especially in this day and age when social media often perturbs one’s idea of self worth.

As a new dawn starts for Kamga and Chev, feeling as ardent as ever, Hondo is set to painstakingly accompany their listeners as they undergo some of life’s most paramount matters that pertains to our growth as a human being.