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Performing On: Sunday, 21 July At WTF Park Stage - 22:00

Heidi is a folk singer-songwriter from Indonesia. Her songs focuses on feelings, emotions and could also be seen as very personal since most of her works are primarily based on her own experience.

Her music is described as happy – sad, sentimental, honest and calming. Her soulful voice is like no other, (maybe) if has to be described as someone else, she is Etta James mixed with Courtney Barnet and again mixed with Janis Joplin. Though applied on acoustic folk songs.

She is a multi-instrumentalist, also a poet and a visual artist. As she will tell you “Each medium provides me a different feel, each medium could describe the same event in different ways. Sometimes music and writing could not represent what I feel, and that is when I paint or draw or sculpt. And I think that mostly is why I switch up mediums to channel and address my feelings”

She got her first hit from her debut single Soon Finland, that now has 2 million plays on Spotify alone. Her second single As Long As was released in April 2019. As Long As was grandly packaged, a bit more “complete” than her debut single. “As Long As is dedicated to everyone.” says the 21 years old musician.

She is heavily inspired by a lot of musicians. But her role models are Bob Dylan, Keaton Henson and Matt Maltese. She is more than just a creative person, she values listeners and that is including herself. She believes that being a listener, a consumer, a lover of music is not less great than the music creator itself.

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