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Performing On: Sunday, 21 July At Another Stage - 22:50

Indonesia Based pop band Coldiac was formed in Malang in 2014 by Sambadha Wahyadyatmika, Mahatamtama Arya Adinegara, Bhima Bagaskara, Derry Rith Haudin, Judha Widhita and (former member) Fadra Heryndra.

Fadra was the first guy who asked them to make a project as Piratez in 2008, and the band decided to start brand new name & music in 2014. but sadly, Fadra were leaving Indonesia for His study in Europe in 2014. Sambadha & Mahatamtama take the part as vocalist.

Coldiac are bringing more felicious concept than the recent format wether in musicalilty, lyrics, and visual aesthetic, crafting pop music with dreamy, groovy, and electronic vibes, the first album of Coldiac "Heartbreaker" released by their own label "GZZ Records" in 2016, new single "Wreck This Journal" and "Spend The Night" followed in 2017.

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