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Performing On: Friday, 19 July At WTF Park Stage - 20:30

Amboro, or often called "Boro", is a singer and songwriter. He performs on stage by himself, only with his voice and his acoustic guitar. He started his solo project in 2018 by releasing a single called “Ketika Hujan Turun Sore Itu” on his YouTube channel (amboro__). The single is actually part of his mini album that he independently made and produced in 2008. After promoting the mini album for about a year, he decided to quit and became a freelance worker. 

From 2010 until 2016, he became a singer at cafes, bars, hotels, wedding, and singing at various events in Jakarta. In early 2016, he joined a band called TBK for a while and decided to quit. In 2017, he took a job as a replacement singer and started to make a jingle ads for TMO (Toyota Motor Oil), JDiD (song “Kena Tipu, Barang Palsu”), GO-FOOD, GO-PAY. etc. 

In early 2018, he joined a community called Song Writer Club (SWC), a community that was formed by Endah&Rhesa. He was finally able to write more songs and discover his creative skill after joined the community. He then released a few singles titled “Pacaran Di Saat Ini”, “Amsani”, and “Nonton Konser”.

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