Kunto Aji is one of Indonesia’s male singer/songwriter. He released his album called “Generation Y” in 2015. In September 2018, Kunto Aji released his sophomore album called “Mantra, Mantra”. Kunto Aji’s second album captures many people’s attention not only his fans. One of the things that may give an effect of this positive critic is because his songwriting had grown tremendously. In “Mantra, Mantra” he worked with 4 different producers; Ankadiov, Uga Swastadi, Petra Sihombing and Bam Mastro. Kunto Aji’s second album talks and spread the awareness of how important mental health is. His lead singles “Konon Katanya” reminds people to chase their own dreams despite what other people might say, “Topik Semalam” is a message about a guy who hasn’t proposed to his longtime girlfriend but asking her to be patient because he has his plan to do so, and also “Rehat” a self-reminder to people that it’s completely okay to take a breather for a while. The album went on to receive 5 nominations in Anugerah Musik Indonesia (AMI) Awards in 2019 including Best Pop Male Solo Act and Best Album.