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Texpack is a young alternative rock/indie rock group from Bogor originally formed in early 2014 by Afnan (Guitar/Vocal), Alfian (Guitar), Dimas (Bass/Vocal), and Iqbal (Drum). Texpack is heavily influenced by the noisy, catchy, alternative rock sound/indie rock sound of the 90s with a slight shot of dreamy and melancholy pop dreams. Names such as Pavement, Sonic Youth, Teenage Fanclub, Dinosaur Jr., Pixies, and Swervedriver became some of the bands that influenced their musicality.

In mid-August, 2016 Texpack made the recording process for their mini-album debut in a studio in Duren Tiga, South Jakarta. Taking less than a week, the recording process was during the semester break of all the members of the band. The band managed to produce 6 songs that were eventually released in December 2016 by Hujan! Rekords and Tromagnon Records in tape format.

The mini album entitled Courageous contains indie rock numbers nuanced in the 90's requested by bandages of blaring guitar hooks, pop and catchy notation, and lyrics that tell stories about the unrest of the millennial model. 

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