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Petra Sihombing

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PERFORMING ON: Friday, 20 July at This Stage is Bananas - 19:30

Petra Sihombing (Born April 10th, 1992) is an Indonesian singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and producer. In 2009, he was signed by HITS Record and released his first three LPs, including the song Mine that reached 3 million views on YouTube in 2013. His record deal ended in 2014. After two years of silence, Petra dropped an EP titled ‘Verdict Victim’ in 2015. He introduced his version of a “three-minute guitar solo”, exploring new sounds and songwriting styles. Petra’s venture towards a more “modern sound” fueled him to start producing music for other artists, hence Neurotic’s second LP ‘Dimensi Alternatif’ which he produced alongside Jonathan Mono. Rock N Roll Mafia, Mery Kasiman, Saint Loco, And Iwa K were amongst the artists that he has collaborated with since then. In between productions, Petra released Nirmala in 2017 and Take It Or Leave It in 2018, in which he collaborated with Incognito, for his solo work. 

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