Formerly known as The Shakes, Emir Hermono is an Indonesian-born producer and artist. He was brought up in West Papua, which he considers home before moving to Singapore to pursue his studies in audio engineering. He is now based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. 

Emir has produced for numerous artists such as Malaysia’s biggest artists: Malique, Altimet, and Kayda. As of now, Emir has played numerous DJ sets and lives sets with his favourite artists and contributors such as Faliq Fadzil, Ariel Nayaka and Leo Ari. 

Emir released his album, 3 AM in Jakarta, in March 2017. The album features Indonesian artists such as Ariel Nayaka, Novakane, NAJ, Arethusa, DJ CZA and Niska. 

A. Nayaka has dipped his feet into music since the age of 9. It started with Hip-Hop and his passion for writing poems and literature. The two worlds collided and created a symbiosis of art. Since 2013 and with the booming of "Blurred" and "Curves" on the popular music streaming site SoundCloud, A. Nayaka has been frequently featured on the beats of numerous great artists.

Rayi Putra is an Indonesian musician most known for being one-third of the group RAN. 

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