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PERFORMING ON: Satuday, 21 July at Another Stage - 23:30

Diskoria is a DJ duo formed by Merdi and Aat who played Indonesian disco music back-to-back in their performances, mostly in vinyl format. This duo was formed in the beginning of 2015, starting from their shared vision of bringing back the glory days of Indonesian music. Both are avid collectors of vinyl and both felt Indonesian disco music has a strong potential to create lively party in Jakarta dance music scene.

In 2015 they met with Suara Disko team who had the idea of creating an event with Indonesian 80s dance music concept. They started their collaboration in the first volume of Suara Disko, held at a then new place in South Jakarta area called H Gourmet & Vibes. The event was very well responded, reaching over 9 million hits in its social media campaign and viral promotion.

Other than playing Indonesian songs in music events, Merdi and Aat also wrote about the music concept supported by Diskoria, bearing the educational mission of reintroducing Indonesian disco music to people unfamiliar with it due to lack of available information.

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